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Splinter's News Time 12.8.21

Posted by SplinterThePurple - December 8th, 2021

Splinter's News Time 12.8.21


This is the start of my extended news post series. These are long news posts explaining upcoming projects I am working on. These will come either once or twice a month. I hope you like 'em! :)


Snowbox is my first upcoming project. It's a snow-themed sandbox game. It uses physics like bouncing, gravity, 0 gravity, friction, slipperiness, and more. The name is a play on the word "sandbox" but with snow. This will be coming out before Christmas (most likely). The game will be made in Flowlab. Since some of the blocks might cause people to not know what they do, there will be an in-game guide and a video to explain each block. There will also be short descriptions of the blocks in the game's dev commentary.


Free Falling

Free Falling is a game where you have aim the character to the ring. There is going to be 2 game modes. Rotate: The character follows your mouse and you must use the mouse wheel to rotate him into the upcoming rings rotation. Number Pad Rings: As the game mode suggests, it uses the keyboard number pad as the control type. You must hit the number corresponding to the number on the upcoming ring. This game will probably never be finished as it was just made to test scroll wheel detection on Scratch.


The following games have either no footage, little footage, or beta/WIP footage. A lot of these games will also never come out until a while.

Super Monkey Massacre (working title)

Super Monkey Massacre will be a 3D sequel of Monkey Massacre. It will be a platformer Beat Em' Up game with 2 (or more) chapters. There will be lots of bosses, enemies, and possibly puzzles. There will also be an arcade mode where you can play the original Monkey Massacre in 3D. This game will be made in Unity 3D. Here are some models that may or may not be in the final game:


Monkey Massacre: Banana Beats

Monkey Massacre: Banana Beats will be a Monkey Massacre rhythm spinoff game. It will use a 3 key setup. Not much to say about this game as I haven't figured out what I want to do with this. The prototype I have right now is a broken mess but here's the image I have that is closest to it working fine:


Again, this is just a prototype.

Monkey Massacre: Rainforest Rush

Yet another Monkey Massacre spinoff game. This will be an infinite auto runner where you must step on evil monkeys and jump over obstacles. I have nothing except ideas for this game.

What's up with Doodle TD?

I mentioned this in my last news post but I thought I'd put it here too with some more information. Doodle TD will come either mid 2022 or late 2022. I might work on Unity projects during then. I can't say much about the development of the game because the short answer is that I just feel unmotivated to work on it at the moment. For the troubles, here is a sneak peak tower:


Thank you for being patient! :)

What is Project UR:R???

This is a question some of you might've been asking in my update post a long while back. I said that I'd reveal what Project UR:R is when Doodle TD was completed but... that might take a while. So, I've decided to make a fan goal. If you guys can get me to 30 fans before the official reveal of Project UR:R, then I will reveal it early. But, when I hit 25 fans, I'll release a Discord server only reveal. I'll give you some hints on what UR:R is in the meantime.


  • Is a sequel/remake of one of my best Roblox games (from my account that got banned)
  • The model in this tweet has something to do with it.

The game will be made in Unity and I am REALLY excited to work on it. :)

Thank you for reading the first edition of Splinter's News Time! This me an hour to write :( . Please follow me and my other accounts to see more of my projects :) .




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